My Autobiography

It was December 08,1998 in warm and peaceful morning when i was born. My parents felt excitement and happiness because I was born. I have a four siblings, a three pretty girls and one handsome boy. I am a third child of my parents named Mr. Bernardo Calucag and Mrs. Vilma Calucag, we live in a place where i born which is Cabaruan Cauayan city, Isabela we have simple house and simple living.

My life has begun starting when my mother gave birth to me. My childhood is not a typical childhood experiences or memories, it was a different unlike in other child who experience to have a good memories.

Our life is not that kind of rich or middle class, I can describe that we are belong in a poor famliy. I remember when I was in elementary, I have only 15 pesos in my pocket to go in school, honestly it is not enough for the whole day but I need to aceppt it because I understand that we don’t have that much more money to enter in school. The one more thing reason that’s why my childhood different was I became a victim of bully since grade 1-6, I remember during my elementary days when I was in grade 1 level there was a three girl in my classmates who are bullying me their snatching my bag, pulling out my ponytail and many more. I remember those days that I always crying and asking myself why me? Why are they doing that it just because of my physical appearance?, And that questions become my motivation to continue in my life, the people who bullied me become my inspiration to continue to study, I keep on my mind that “success is the best revenge” and I pursue to study hard that’s why i became a honor student when i graduated in elementary.

A year of 2012 i started to enter in highschol, there is mixed emotions, excitement and nervous as well, it is a fresh and new beggining for my journey. In my highschool life it is still hard because I experienced to become a working student to supply my needs in school because my parents doesn’t have big income for us, I remember when I was working student there is a one moment in my life that I did not sleep in our house because I live in my teachers home, she got me to work in their house as a their maid. And my income in that work, i used it to help me to raised my highschool life. Even my highschool life is so hard I found happiness. Year of 2015 I graduated in highschool, during my graduation day while walking in the red carpet when they called my name, I felt only happiness because despite everything that happened to me in a very young age I graduated and all my pain, sacrifices, and my hardworks repay.

The reason why I became a life long learner is after I graduated in highschool I stopped and work at manila for 3 years. Honestly I don’t want to stopped before but i cannot do anything, I need to help my eldest sister to graduate in college, and also to have savings to enter in college.

When I was in manila there is many realization, I thought before if you are in manila you have a wealthy living, the situation in manila was different, it makes me realized that you need to work hard to get all what you want, and hardwork is the key to achieve what you want to be. My experience in manila gives me a unforgettable experience because I became a strong woman, a fighter and most of all fearless, and always ready to face my fear.

It was a year of 2018 I came back in my beloved province which is Isabela, I came back to enter in college, when I started in college it was not easy but it gives me better understanding to have a better future. When I entered in collge there is still struggles that I’ve experienced but I met people that became my best friends they give me the joy that I always find in any people that passed by in my life, they’re always there in every minute of my life, and they’re are also the reason why my college life gives a meaningful memories, and I always thankful for them. The memorable and unforgettable moment in my life that happpned it was August 25, 2018 because I was baptized and became a member of the of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints they called it Mormon but it’s not a Mormon in this church I found peace, hope and have faith in everything. This church become my comforter in all things that happen in my life, it gives me a light and that light serve as my guide as I go on in my life. I found reason continue to achieve my dreams even i stopped in 3 years, continue to conquer the world and to continue to have faith in in everything has done.

Currently I’m now a 4rth year student, being a 4rth year student is not easy, it has many struggles it is like a times three to the power of nine especially we are near in finishing our studies. But one more step to achieve my goals in life and I’ll do my very best to graduate in order to make my parents proud of me and repay their sacrifices.

In life there is always obstacle in achieving our goals or dreams, it was never easy but I learned to continue to do more, there is a hope to shine bright your future, there is someone watching you, so continue where did you start until you achieve your goal. There is one quote that I always keep on my mind it is “Life is like a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving on”.