Hi welcome to my first blog! There’s a lot of things you can read here, enjoy reading and hoping you’ll like. Have a nice day […]

Great Day!

Today was a great day I go to church service and there’s many things that I realized and I was so very happy that I […]

Happy People

Today I go to church to attend activity of our young people , I’m so happy that their enjoying their activity even it’s a rainy […]


Treasure your life whatever happens, even your tired of happenings, stress in everything. Always remind yourself that your life is a give from above and […]


Lying on my bed thinking of you is my habit. While resting today you’re always come on my mind asking myself ” how are you?” […]


Today I’m getting better after I got sick in a past few days, I’m on the process of healing not only in physical also in […]

Love Yourself

Love yourself is the most important thing In our life, this is the key To find our true happiness Happiness that can’t find in other […]